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Joel Lyssarides


Joel Lyssarides is already one of the most listened-to artists in European jazz. His recordings have already been listened to over 50 million times on Spotify alone. For Lyssarides, the time is ripe to step onto the international stage. The huge listener numbers that Lyssarides' music has reached are not the result of any calculation, audience targeting or 'crowd-pleasing' on the pianist's part. He explains: “As happy as I am, that a lot of people obviously enjoy my music so much that they want to hear it repeatedly – the creative impulse always comes from within. Me and my piano, that's the center of my musical world.” And from this starting-point Joel Lyssarides‘ journey has already taken him in several interesting directions. To the stages of jazz clubs and festivals, into the studio as an arranger for ABBA's Benny Anderson and on tours with classical, blues and pop artists.

Despite all his versatility, jazz was and is the core of Joel Lyssarides' work. The records of Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk and many others had been playing in his parents' house. The initial spark. Later came: Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Gonzalo Rubalcaba. And studies in Stockholm and Rome, soon followed by numerous national and international jazz prizes and awards. For Joel Lyssarides, jazz is not a stylistic corset, but rather a language, a vocabulary, a way to create personal expression.


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Joel Lyssarides Solo
Joel Lyssarides Solo
Lyssarides & Prokopiou Duet
Lyssarides & Prokopiou Duet
Vision String Quartet X Joel Lyssarides - FOLKTALES
Vision String Quartet X Joel Lyssarides - FOLKTALES
Joel Lyssarides Trio
Joel Lyssarides Trio


14.06.2024 Joel Lyssarides Trio SE - Moderna Museet Trio concert


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