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Peter Somuah


Peter Somuah is a gifted jazz trumpeter who learned to play by listening endlessly to his trumpet heroes Miles Davis and Roy Hargrove. Somuah stands out with his warm and melancholic sound, as well as the rhythmic prowess reflecting his upbringing surrounded by the music styles native to West Africa. He touches his audiences and makes them groove. In 2021 Somuah won the Erasmus Jazz award for young jazz talent, and in 2022 he won the prestigious Edison Jazz Award with his debut album Outer Space. In his compositions, Somuah explores the boundaries between jazz, funk and traditional Ghanaian music, sprinkled with a hint of electronic music. He has performed his music at many stages already, including at the 2022 North Sea Jazz Festival and the 2023 ESNS.


groove funk afrobeat

Peter Somuah Group
Peter Somuah Group


05.07.2024 Peter Somuah Group NL - Amsterdam Concertgebouw / Recital Hall Concertgebouw
01.08.2024 Peter Somuah Group CN - Shanghai Blue Note Shanghai Club Show
02.08.2024 Peter Somuah Group CN - Shanghai Blue Note Shanghai Club Show
03.08.2024 Peter Somuah Group CN - blue note Club Show
04.08.2024 Peter Somuah Group CN - blue note Club Show
18.09.2024 Peter Somuah Group DE - Leipzig Horns Erben Club Show
19.09.2024 Peter Somuah Group DE - Berlin A-Trane Club Show
20.09.2024 Peter Somuah Group DE - Kassel Theaterstübchen Club Show
25.09.2024 Peter Somuah Group DE - Rheda-Wiedenbrück Abrahams
13.10.2024 Peter Somuah Group NL - Haarlem Patronaat Club Show
22.11.2024 Peter Somuah Group NL - Rotterdam De Doelen Release concert


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