Iiro Rantala moves exactly on the border between jazz and classical music."On stage, he can become a dervish at the keys. But he can also sink into the music in an equally calm and concentrated way. Rantala has always had a penchant for mixing genres" (Fritz Krauser, Stuttgarter Zeitung). The Galatea troupe complements him ideally. In addition to the classical repertoire, the Galatea Quartet has always explored unfamiliar terrain and created innovative, cross-genre concepts; cross-over projects are not uncommon here. Together, the four string players and Iiro Rantala will once again expand the classical realm with an exciting component. At the center of the collaboration is an arrangement of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21, argentinian tangos, as well as compositions by Iiro Rantala that were arranged especially for this project.


20.08.2024 Iiro Rantala VENEZIANA w/ Galatea Quartet DE - Helmstorf Gut Helmstorf Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
21.08.2024 Iiro Rantala VENEZIANA w/ Galatea Quartet DE - Wilster Colosseum Wilster Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival


Jolanda Vujasinovic

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

The ACT Agency

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