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Joel Lyssarides Trio

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In January 2022, Joel Lyssarides released his first album 'Stay Now' on ACT Music. For Joel jazz is above all a language, a tool for uniquely personal expression. He composed the pieces for “Stay Now” in a remote house in the forest, a good half-hour outside Stockholm. And by preference at night, in silence, darkness and deep concentration. The atmosphere of this place is audibly reflected in the music, which is strongly influenced by space, sound and mood - reinforced by the highly concentrated, differentiated, subtle interplay of pianist Lyssarides with bassist Niklas Fernqvist and drummer Rasmus Blixt.

"A work of intimate, introspective quality."

"Weightless, quiet melodies and magical melancholy.“


Floriane Schroetter

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

The ACT Agency

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