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This is the first time since the breakup of his infamous Trio Töykeät in 2008 that Rantala performs his music again in the format of a classic piano trio. He is joined by two congenial improvisers and partners - British bassist Conor Chaplin, a member of the Mercury Prize-nominated band Dinosaur, and Swedish-Norwegian drummer Anton Eger, one of the most colourful and original drumming personalities on the European jazz scene. Where exactly the musical journey with the HEL Trio will go, he does not reveal yet. But those who know Rantala, the classically trained master pianist with a mischievous streak, know that they can expect virtuosity with catchy and comprehensible melodies, highbrow culture without exaggerated and overly holy seriousness and plenty of surprising twists and turns. Equally Entertaining and captivating performances between classical and jazz, fiery as hell (hence the trio's name!), presented with a lot of humour are guaranteed.


26.03.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - München Jazzclub Unterfahrt Tickets
27.03.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Langenau Pfleghof
28.03.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Mannheim Ella & Louis Club Show
29.03.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio CH - Biel Le Singe
30.03.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Stuttgart Internationale Theaterhaus Jazztage
18.04.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Minden Jazz Club Minden e.V. Tickets
19.04.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Kaiserslautern Kammgarn Int. Jazzfestival Cotton Club
30.04.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Krefeld Museum Burg Linn Doppelkonzert zum Int. Jazz Day
21.11.2024 Iiro Rantala | HEL Trio DE - Darmstadt Centralstation Tickets


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