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Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Pedro Martins combines the influences of two music metropolises > the groove, vibe, and sentiment of his native Brasilia. And the multi-layered inspirations of the melting pot Los Angeles - his adopted home. What emerges is a world jazz sound with pop appeal, whose virtuosity lies particularly in its charm and lightness.

In addition to his own projects, Pedro Martins has gained international attention through close collaboration with two of the greatest guitar heroes of our time > blues-rock icon Eric Clapton, and jazz virtuoso Kurt Rosenwinkel in his "Capi" band. And the prominence and range of his other collaborations is also impressive - from cross-genre greats like Jacob Collier, Knower, Genevieve Artadi and Thundercat, to jazz icons like Al Jarreau, Mark Turner, or Scott Kinsey, to world musicians like Toninho Horta, Hamilton de Holanda or Michael Pipoquinha. All appreciate Martin's touch, sensitivity, and musical personality,

With "VOX", his debut album released in 2019 on Kurt Rosenwinkel's label Heartcore, multi-instrumentalist Martins earned his first own international recognition as a leader. The album captivates with a refreshing blend of jazz and Brazilian vibes. And the lightness so characteristic of Martis.

Pedro Martin's focus for 2023 is on his new quartet, which he will essentially form with his musical companion Chris Fishman. The album will be finished in November and released on Heartcore Records in early February 2023.

"Martins hides an ocean of intricacies that can be explored over and over again."


Jolanda Vujasinovic

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

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