SPEAK LOW II - the acclaimed trio of Swiss vocalist LUCIA CADOTSCH - is back with their long-awaited second long-play!

Through a rare display of musical telepathy and a clockwork of ensemble work Speak Low is demonstrating how the strength of the original concept is providing a platform for further explorations. This time they’re touching a repertoire from such different musical minds as Brian Eno, Rickie Lee Jones, Luciano Berio, and Tony Williams and yet again their unmistakable sonic trio treatment makes these originals vividly alive for a new generation of listeners, as well as for veteran music lovers in search of fresh takes on these beautiful songs. While Cadotsch challenges all common vocal Jazz traditions, Sandsjö creates skeins of feathery-toned notes and Eldh deploys the combination of strength and mobility that makes him one of the most compelling of all current bassists.


11.07.2024 LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW DE - Dresden Palaissommer Dresden
12.07.2024 LUCIA CADOTSCH SPEAK LOW FR - Straßburg La Petite France


Jolanda Vujasinovic

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

The ACT Agency

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