Bill Laurance with the UNTOLD Orchestra | Bloom

Bill Laurance - piano | 18 strings

A series of dark, warm string chords opens the curtain on a vista of spaciousness and great sonic depth. Soon after, an intense rhythm develops, classically light and tightly grooving at the same time. A crystalline piano melody develops over everything, leading into an imaginative, hypnotically intensifying improvisation. And, at the end, everyone lands together for the powerful final chord.

Bloom sees 5-time Grammy-winning composer and pianist Bill Laurance once more seeking to expand his sonic palette. He has returned to his classical roots, working with 18 string players from Manchester’s young Untold Orchestra and arranger Joshua Poole, and has produced an album on a convincingly epic scale.

The music was largely inspired by his child’s capacity to imagine and create other worlds: “Every decision we take can be traced back to our capacity to imagine, the only limits on what we can achieve are the scale of our dreams. My child’s ability to pull back the curtain of reality and to create a fantasy world ignited all kinds of possibilities for me, and that is what ultimately led to this music.”

Combining Laurance’s classical sensibilities with jazz, pop grooves, and powerful orchestral synchronicity, Bloom runs the gamut of emotions and moods. Whether it’s flowing dreamscapes or dramatic crescendos, listeners are taken exactly where they want to be, without ever veering off into the predictable.


Patrick Weißenfels

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

Representation: europe
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