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Lass irre Hunde heulen / Kai Schumacher & Gisbert zu Knyphausen

Music by Franz Schubert (arranged by Kai Schumacher, Gisbert zu Knyphausen & Sebastian Deufel)

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) was basically a singer-songwriter. But he preferred to leave the writing of poetry to others. Schubert composed songs during the day and sang them to his friends in the evening, sometimes accompanying himself on the piano. Because these songs almost always had one thing in common: melodies for eternity. This is not the only reason why Duisburg pianist Kai Schumacher came up with the idea of immersing himself in a new, contemporary selection of Schubert's songs. Without pocket square and tailcoat, but with fire in his heart. Schumacher wanted to find out what Schubert sounds like when a singer performs in a completely unaffected manner. Without classical etiquette, but someone who makes these art songs his own without any preconceptions. And this singer had to be Gisbert zu Knyphausen right from the start, who has been a favourite since his second album "Hurra! Hurray! So nicht." (Hurray! Hurray! Not like this!), he has been one of the leading lights of German-language singer-songwriters.


Floriane Schroetter

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

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