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Elias Stemeseder - Composition, Spinett, Synthesizer, Electronics
Christian Lillinger - Composition, Drums, Sampler, Synthesizer

Electronic musician Elias Stemeseder and drummer, composer, and producer Christian Lillinger are drawn together by a shared interest in exploring the relationship between sound, space, and time. When they met, Stemeseder was beginning to branch out from just playing piano—adding other keyboard and electronic instruments to his toolkit—and together, they found common ground in a desire to explore how they can expand the timbres of their instruments. They also both eschew genre boxes, letting texture and timbre drive the direction of their music.

"Penumbra" (Plaist, 2021) came to life during a studio session and played with the shaping and reshaping of the basso continuo, here realised through electrically amplified harpsichord and percussion. Penumbra expands our understanding of this baroque sound body by means of electronic processes, recontextualizes it and places it at the service of contemporary musicianship.

Stemeseder and Lillinger make use of compositional and production approaches from a wide range of geographical and temporal locations, and through a synthesis of these forge a radically modern sonic idiom that is both free of templates and rich in references.


Floriane Schroetter

Booking Agent

Andreas Brandis

Artist Manager

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

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