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Fiona Grond | POESIAS

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Fiona Grond, vocal / Philipp Schiepek, guitar / Moritz Stahl, saxophone

Fiona Grond's music draws its fascination from the quiet tones, the spaces between the notes, but also from the contrasts and frictions, the break with expectations and conventions. And so its appeal only really reveals itself when you get involved with it, listen carefully and, best of all, feel it. This process of listening to and reflecting on the music continues vividly in the interplay with Moritz Stahl and Philipp Schiepek. You can hear that three people are playing together here who are very close to each other artistically and personally: Guitarist Philipp Schiepek once again shows himself to be a versatile and highly musical character. And saxophonist Moritz Stahl, otherwise often heard with "Ark Noir" or the "Jazzrausch Bigband" in an electro-acoustic and powerful way, impresses with subtle tonal shadings and a fine feeling for colors and textures.

Grond, Stahl and Schiepek form an organically interacting trio, which is exceptional in this depth and even more so in this unusual instrumentation. It is a special experience to witness the creative process of this trio on stage. An almost spiritual music that, if you let yourself in for it, opens up spaces that you want to explore again and again.

Fiona Grond, Moritz Stahl and Philipp Schiepek met while they were still students. The trio came together in Fiona Grond's adopted home of Munich and is another discovery on the local scene, which has been steadily gaining in profile and visibility for a few years now. The trio was formed in fall 2018 out of the need for a special but intimate line-up and the desire to experiment musically. They released their debut album "Interspaces" in June 2021. In the same year, they took 3rd place in the international JazzBeet competition at Jazzfest Bonn and won the Women in Jazz competition at the Women in Jazz Festival in Halle, as well as the Jazz Prize of the City of Halle. In 2023, the trio released their second album "Poesias" on the renowned ACT label.


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