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Jazzrausch Bigband | Alle Jahre wieder!

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Jazzrausch Big Band has more or less invented a new art form, techno jazz, and has become well-known for performances of it. But the band also has another, different story to tell. Jazzrausch has invented its own tradition of hitting the road and touring at the end of each year with a programme of Christmas music, and has been doing this ever since the band first emerged eight years ago. Bandleader/founder Roman Sladek explains: “Whereas our regular projects – the most recent album, 'Emergenz', is a good example – are all about working through a specific theme and finding new ways to reinvent ourselves, our Christmas thing is something we do for one reason alone: to have fun. It was our very first programme, we still love it, and we’re still nurturing, developing and growing it. Being able to devote one month a year entirely to the big band tradition is something we’re all completely passionate about.”


11.12.2024 Jazzrausch Bigband | Alle Jahre wieder! DE - Essen Philharmonie Essen Alle Jahre wieder!


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