Emile Parisien Quartet

Emile Parisien is the most important and influential soprano saxophonist of our time. And he has earned this reputation again and again. On thousands of concerts and more than 20 albums ranging from the duo with accordionist Vincent Peirani to his trans-Atlantic project LOUISE, accompanied by unprecedented media reactions and countless international awards. The starting point and nucleus for this impressive path, for 20 years now, is the Emile Parisien Quartet. And what the four Frenchmen bring to the stage in terms of virtuosity, intellect, humour, complexity, and interplay is simply breath-taking. Jazz without borders, full of surprises and captivating intensity.


09.03.2024 Emile Parisien | Quartet NO - Oslo Viktoria Nasjonal Jazzscene
07.04.2024 Emile Parisien | Quartet DE - Hameln Doubletime Jazz & Kultur Club Residency EMILE PARISIEN
27.04.2024 Emile Parisien | Quartet BE - Brussels Jazz Station Club Show
30.05.2024 Emile Parisien | Quartet DK - Copenhagen Jazzhus Montmartre Club Show


Jolanda Vujasinovic

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

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