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Josefine Opsahl


The "boundary-defying, remarkable Dane" (The Strad) Josefine Opsahl combines music, art, performance, spatial concepts, and electronics in her works. With a liberating openness to sounds, genres, the use of electronics as well as her main instrument; the cello, Josefine’s works unfold in the intersection between tradition and renewal, expertise and intuition, notation and improvision. Josefine incorporates her classical music training and historical knowledge, as well as her perception of art and herself, into new expressive media.
“It’s evocative hip music that transports the listener to brisk Nordic climes."(Gramophone Magazine 2022). Josefine equally performs as a soloist with orchestras or in her electronic setup and has written critically acclaimed major works counting two operas, symphonic works as well as music for ballet with The Royal Danish Ballet. She has received a great number of prizes and awards for her art, latest the prestigious talent prize The Crown Prince Couple’s Cultural Stardust Award 2022 (DK), based on the fact that "Josefine like few of her generation has succeeded in creating and refining a truly original and contemporary expression”). Her solo debut album, ATRIUM, was released on Dacapo Records in August 2022.


Josefine Opsahl - Cello & Electronics
Josefine Opsahl - Cello & Electronics
Josefine Opsahl - Hands Concerto for cello and orchestra
Josefine Opsahl - Hands Concerto for cello and orchestra
Josefine Opsahl - Pillars
Josefine Opsahl - Pillars


15.02.2024 Josefine Opsahl DK - Copenhagen Alice
27.04.2024 Josefine Opsahl DK - Nykøbing Sjælland Hempel Glasmuseum Josefine Opsahl Solo
24.05.2024 Josefine Opsahl DK - Odense Dexter Dexter


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