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Fiona Grond


For Swiss singer Fiona Grond, the voice, whether singing words or wordless, is an instrument. And a tool to express her inner quest for thoughts and feelings. Her ACT debut "Poesias" is a haunting, colourful conversation with close personal and musical friends, guitarist Philipp Schiepek and alto saxophonist Moritz Stahl. An exceptional, sensible, highly interactive trio. And music full of warmth, depth and plenty of surprising twists.

"It was always important to me not just to be the singer who sings the theme and then the others do the rest of the music," says Fiona Grond. And so on "Poesias", the Swiss singer's voice acts as one of three instruments on an equal footing. The trio came together in Munich and is new discovery on the local scene, which has been steadily gaining profile and visibility over the past few years.

"A great singer who goes her very own way." DLF Culture

"Instrospective, melody-loving chamber jazz, conceived and played with a fine sense of community." Rolling Stone (DE)

"Hypnotically beautiful" MADAME (DE)

"Almost spiritual music with exceptionally warm and transparent melody lines." Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)


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Fiona Grond | POESIAS
Fiona Grond | POESIAS
Fiona Grond & Luca Zambito
Fiona Grond & Luca Zambito


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