Johanna Summer


Whether with classical pieces, original compositions or jazz standards she always manages to develop a wide, dynamic narrative, sometimes delicate and fragile, sometimes, tension-filled and rhythmically gripping or irresistibly melodious. At the same time, the listener never gets the impression that she is interested in showcasing as many ideas as possible, or presenting herself as a virtuoso. Everything happens in the spirit of musical storytelling, with an extremely mature, far-sighted view of dramaturgy, dynamics, tension and atmosphere.
Süddeutsche Zeitung simply calls the result "a little sensation", Downbeat magazine „a unique debut, praiseworthy in its pursuit of merging genres“ and Jazz thing magazine describes Summer as "a pianist of a very special character, virtuoso, subtle and filigreed". Jazz, classical music and free playing - Johanna Summer creates her very own music out of the moment, and it is a true experience to listen to it.


Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer
Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer
Johanna Summer | RESONANZEN
Johanna Summer | RESONANZEN
Johanna Summer | Schumann Kaleidoskop
Johanna Summer | Schumann Kaleidoskop


08.12.2023 Johanna Summer DE - Ludwigshafen am Rhein Gesellschaftshaus der BASF Clubshow
14.02.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Rheda-Wiedenbrück Abrahams 14 21_
15.02.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Mettingen Draiflessen Conference Tagungszentrum meetMUSIC | Johanna Summer | RESONANZEN
18.02.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Gernsbach Stadthalle Gernsbach Club Show
23.02.2024 Johanna Summer CH - Winterthur Stadthaus Rezital Stadthaus, Konzertsaal
03.03.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Mainz Kurfürstliches Schloss The Sound of Dialogue
14.03.2024 Johanna Summer AT - St. Pölten Festspielhaus Clubshow
06.04.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Würzburg stahl.lehrmann - architekten Freundeskreis Hafensommer
07.04.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Ettersburg Schloss Ettersburg Thüringer Bachwochen
20.04.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Kaufbeuren Kulturring Kaufbeuren e.V. Clubshow
09.05.2024 Johanna Summer CH - Luzern LUCERNE FESTIVAL
10.05.2024 Johanna Summer AT - Wien Konzerthaus Wien Gemischter Satz | Mozartsaal
11.05.2024 Johanna Summer AT - Wien Konzerthaus Wien Gemischter Satz
12.05.2024 Johanna Summer CH - Luzern LUCERNE FESTIVAL
14.05.2024 Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer DE - Hainfeld atelier29 Hainfelder Jazztage
15.06.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Kreischa Vereinshaus Kreischa Schumanniade extra
19.06.2024 Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer DE - Berlin stARTfestival stARTfestival
28.06.2024 Johanna Summer AT - Innsbruck BTV Innsbruck - Stadtforum Glückskeksimpro – Konzert für Philosoph und Pianistin
08.07.2024 Jakob Manz & Johanna Summer DE - Ismaning Hainhalle Jazzmontag Ismaning
21.09.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Bodelshausen Kultur im Forum beflügelt - Klavier und mehr im Forum
11.10.2024 Johanna Summer DE - Neuburg Birdland Neuburg Neuburger Barockkonzerte > Brückenschlag zwischen Barock und Jazz
17.02.2025 Johanna Summer DE - Marne Kultur- und Bürgerhaus ARENA


Jolanda Vujasinovic

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

Representation: worldwide
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