Eivind Aarset


Eivind Aarset is a guitarist with a unique musical vision that absorbs and reflects all manner of music while retaining an enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from quiet intimacy to searing intensity. His debut as a bandleader on Jazzland Recordings was described by the New York Times as "One of the best post-Miles electric jazz albums," setting a high benchmark that Aarset has consistently met and exceeded, both in the studio and in live performance.


Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang
Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang
Eivind Aarset | Quartet
Eivind Aarset | Quartet


29.05.2024 Eivind Aarset | Quartet DE - Köln Kölner Philharmonie Clubshow
31.05.2024 Eivind Aarset | Quartet DE - Landsberg Stadttheater Landsberg Clubshow


Patrick Weißenfels

Booking Agent

Wenna Liu

Production Manager

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